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8” x 28”
Merino wool, black silk fibers, brown bamboo fibers, Bluefaced Leicester Locks (BFL)
Reversible Short Scarf or Neck Warmer

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Hand Felted* Dark Scarf with Natural Sheep Locks

This reversible scarf or neck warmer is felted with Merino wool, prized for it’s soft wearability. The second side is covered with black silk and brown bamboo fibers giving a warm, glowing shimmer to the dark shaded scarf. It’s edged all around with Bluefaced Leicester natural colored sheep locks. Note that although the merino and the silk sides are very soft and wearable, the BFL locks are raw wool and most comfortable when turned down, away from skin.

The scarf is lightweight and easily tucked under a coat or jacket. It’s dark colors and rugged locks make it suitable for him too.

The scarf can be hand-washed in cool water with a mild soap, rinsed and laid flat to dry. Be careful not to agitate, machine wash or place in the dryer. Shape or block the scarf to measure 8 x 28”. Use the wool setting on an iron if necessary.

*FYI Notes:
Felt is one of the oldest ways to make fabric. It requires mainly moisture and agitation. It’s easy to imagine a poor shepherd on a cold evening, lining his shoes with some wool from his sheep, only to find that after a day’s work the wool has become a strong, dense fabric… Felt!
Felt came to be used for all types of clothing, boots and even houses or Yurts. These tent like homes are still used today eastern Europe and Russia. To take advantage of the properties of wool, it becomes necessary to lay out a pattern 30-50% larger than the final product. By adding warm, soapy water, the wool fiber is carefully agitated, pushed, rolled and wiggled to get it to shrink down to size.