Crazy Daisy
A CSA Farm

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. A CSA is a farm that offers fresh produce directly to people in the community through purchase of a “share” in the season’s harvest. Members pick-up their share in a reusable basket every week during the summer growing season (typically June – October). The produce included each week is based on what is available for harvest, ensuring members get the freshest, in-season vegetables and fruit.

Clean Food

Crazy Daisy uses organic farming methods. Although not ‘Certified’ as organic, the farm has been in our family for generations, so we know the history and usage of the land going back to 1950’s. We never use harsh pesticides or herbicides. Our experience has shown that most problems can be managed by using compost, mulches and row covers. We hand wash and bag your produce on the day of harvest, providing clean, healthy vegetables, inside and out. 

The Crazy Daisy Difference

Our members are notified by email of the anticipated weekly harvest. Then by logging into Your Store there is the opportunity to make special requests, like no beans but extra potatoes please! We also offer any bumper-crop that may be available for freezing, canning or preserving at no extra cost. Our main harvest is on Tuesday mornings and members can pick up their shares at the farm that afternoon or let us know if they need to make other arrangements. We are very friendly and flexible! 

Crazy Daisy

If you’d like to purchase a share in our CSA, we are open for registration. Please click here to sign-up, or if you have any further questions, visit our FAQ page. We look forward to welcoming you to our big, family garden!