What does a share cost?
Our share price is $420 for a Full Membership.
We also offer a $30 weekly payment option.
Are there any differences between a Full and a Weekly membership besides the  payments?
There is no difference in share size or the opportunity to customize. The only difference is that the crops available for preserving are offered to the Full Membership people first. But, there is usually plenty to go around.
Is a Weekly membership right for me?
A Weekly membership works well for some who have busy summers and aren’t always home. Others are concerned they may find it hard to keep up and don’t like to let the vegetables go to waste. Getting a basket once every two weeks, or whenever needed is a nice option.
What fruits and vegetables do you grow?
We plant most of the common garden crops that grow in our climate. To see a complete list, click here or go to our Garden Talk blog.
Do you deliver?
Our members come to the farm to pick up their share of the harvest. We don’t make deliveries and we don’t have any drop sites. But, we also don’t have any ‘Store Hours’ so you could come by for your share anytime, day or night.
When can I expect the harvest to begin?
We begin our summer harvest season the end of June and continue until the week after the first frost, usually around mid October… that’s about 15 weeks.
When can I come to get my share?
Pickup days are Tuesday, after 12:00 noon. If you can’t make out on Tuesday, we’ll put your share into the cooler until you can get here. Of course, things are freshest the earlier you can come.
What can I expect on harvest days?
When members come out, they’ll have a reusable wire basket filled with the weeks harvest. You can transfer to your own bags, or take the basket home and bring the empty back next week. There are also additional items available to customize and supplement. You can even share any unwanted veggies with the other members by taking them out of your basket and adding them to the Extra’s shelf.
Do you offer extra tomatoes for canning?
Yes, tomatoes and many other crops are available to your family for preserving at no additional charge. Our Full Membership people however, will have the first choice of the free bumper-crop items. …and there’s usually enough for weekly members to get vegetables for preserving too.
Where are you located?
We are located on Willow Drive, about 2 miles north of Hwy 55 in Corcoran. Check the map on the Contact page or search for 7229 Willow Dr, Corcoran 55340.
How do I sign up?
You can visit Your Store on our website and purchase a subscription. We take PayPal, or checks made out to Crazy Daisy CSA.
Additional Crazy Daisy Notes:
Occasionally there may be eggs available, but with only 5 laying hens, they will be few and far between. Also, the raspberries are grandmas old farm variety and border on wild berry size.
Shared Risk/Benefits
Being a CSA, there is a chance of bad weather and unwanted foragers that make their way through the garden, causing a smaller harvest of certain crops or on rare occasions, a crop failure. But, there are also some items that over produce. We try to supply our members with plenty for canning, pickling, freezing & preserving. Those items are available for your family’s use at no extra charge.
More CSA Details
For detailed information about CSA’s in general, feel free to visit Local Harvest, a comprehensive resource for consumers and farmers.