Golden Honey Shawl


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53” x 53” set on the bias
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Handmade Honey Color Nuno* Felt Silk Shawl with Golden Muga Silk Highlights

This lightweight Shawl is made with 100% silk and Merino wool. The Ruffle is crafted so that there is no sewing in this project. The gleaming gold accents are made from Muga silk fibers. Those silk cocoons are collected in the wild and are naturally that warm golden color.

The Shawl is very sheer and is perfect as a unique statement piece to add to your wardrobe. It is set on the bias to enhance the drape on the sides and center back.

Hand wash in cool water, with mild detergent and rinse well. Allow to air dry. Be careful not to agitate, machine wash or place in the dryer. The edge of the wool ruffle can be gently stretched while pressing on the wool setting, to add fullness to the ruffle.

*FYI Notes:
Nuno Felting is the process of combining wool fiber with a sheer silk fabric to produce a strong but light weight item. In this case, the Nuno Felt technique is used to attach a wool ruffle to the shawl without sewing. The wool is worked or felted enough to completely engulf the silk fabric..