Dreamsicle Scarf


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8-1/2 x 62”
Merino wool, Silk Chiffon, dyed Tussah and Mulberry silk fibers

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Handmade Nuno* Felt Multicolored Scarf covered with Silk Fibers

This winter scarf may have light summer colors, but it is just as warm as any other wool scarf. It’s made with the Nuno Felt technique which creates a softer felt that drapes nicely. The Merino wool is sandwiched between a 100% silk carrier fabric and lots of luscious pure silk fibers on top.

Merino comes from a 12th century Spanish breed of sheep that is adapted to a warm, dry climate. It is often used for those who are sensitive to wool as they find Merino very comfortable to wear.

The scarf can be hand-washed in cool water with a mild soap, rinsed and laid flat to dry. Be careful not to agitate, machine wash or place in the dryer. Shape or block the scarf to measure approximately 8-1/2” x 62”. Use a press cloth with a wool setting on the iron if necessary.

*FYI Notes:
Nuno Felting is the process of combining wool fiber with silk fabric to produce a strong but light weight item. It is also used when a fun texture is desired. The fact that wool shrinks and silk does not makes for an interesting rippled effect.