Breezy Rose Scarf


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14” x 49”
Handmade silk and felt scarf with airy silk features

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Sheer silk scarf with pastel roses and ruffles

This is a very lightweight silk accent scarf. The tattered silk edges work with the light pastel colors to make for a delicate, vintage look. The roses are fashioned with the same 100% silk as the body of the scarf and the pastel colors are all from Superfine Merino wool, highly prized as one of the most comfortable wool fibers to wear next to bare skin. This is a romantic little piece that’s sure to make you feel pretty.

The scarf can be hand-washed in cool water with a mild soap, rinsed and laid flat to dry. Be careful not to agitate, machine wash or place in the dryer. Shape or block the scarf to measure 14” x 49”. Use the wool setting on an iron if necessary. The edge of the ruffle can be gently stretched while pressing to enhance it’s fullness.